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for joining us. >>> the remains of the first american pilot shot down over iraq during the 1991 persian gulf war are finally back home. navy captain michael scott speicher disappeared when his plane went down over anbar province on the first night of the war. his remains have been recovered and positively identified. the discovery should end years of speculation that speicher survived and was held captive. according to the navy an iraqi civilian told u.s. forces early last month that he had witnessed the crash. another iraqi told the marines he saw speicher's body being buried after the crash. >>> the state department trying to find out what happened to three americans who were taken into custody in iran. iranian media report they were arrested for crossing illegally from iraq into iran. a fourth american who was supposed to join them on a hike through the kurdish region of iraq apparently fell ill and stayed behind. one of the americans detained in iran is pennsylvania. his mother spoke to cnn radio network. >> my husband and i are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son josh
. >>> hey, thanks for joining us on hln. i'm natasha curry. our top story, a fourth body discovered after a midair collision. a small plane collideed with a helicopter, both fell into the hudson river. new york mayor michael bloomberg says it's believed all of the nine people on both aircraft were killed. here is how witnesses described the crash. >> there was a plane, a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards new jersey side. helicopter heading southbound about 1100, 1200 feet. the plane rolled into the helicopter, hit the side of it of the helicopter went straight in the water. there was a poof of smoke and a bang. it went further down hit the water by the w hotel and came down, a couple of pieces. >> what did you think when you saw it. >> tragic, bad. you look up and you see all the planes going around here and it's hectic. unfortunately this thing happens. the fact that it does happen -- it doesn't happen more often is crazy. >> it was turning, went down first. about three, four seconds later, i saw the wing for helicopters. there's no wing for helicopters, it was the rotor bla
the latest information. the fourth hiker is at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >>> to canada where a stage collapsed in the middle of an outdoor music festival killing one person. police say 15 other people were injured at big valley jam boree in alberta. a storm quickly rolled in while some 15,000 people were watching the festival yesterday. the crowd started to evacuate. that is when the stage came crashing down. police say emergency services helped rescue some people trapped under that rubble. >>> a man who caused a lot of nervous moments at laguardia airport has been forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's accused of bringing a fake bomb to the airport yesterday. as susan reports -- >> reporter: a bomb scare disrupted flights for hours. >> it's sad. >> reporter: 32-year-old man approached this checkpoint. a law enforcement source says he began intoxicated and was carrying a backpack. outside in plain view were two square batteries with wires sticking out. when asked not to move, again, allegedly failed to comply. he looked at though he was trying to wish a switch but nothing h
but it is not clear whether all of them made it out of the building. >>> the u.s. military says 51 u.s. soldiers in iraq were diagnosed with swine flu. the associate press reports all of them have fully recovered after treatment but 71 other u.s. soldiers suspected of contracting the virus remain in isolation. ap says iraqi health officials have confirmed the country's first case of swine flu death. the woman was from the southern town of najaf. the u.s. military is testing any soldier with a fever or sore throat. >>> a public funeral is being held for 8-year-old robert manuel. his body was found in a canal in boise, idaho. he disappeared after leaving his mother's apartment on july 28th. police are investigating his death as a homicide. there is no evidence the boy was abducted by a stranger. manwill was visiting his mother. >>> president obama is flying to mexico for a two-day summit to meet with leaders of mexico and canada. they are expected to work on trade, immigration and drug trafficking. clean energy and the economic crisis are top priorities. all three countries have strong ties to the
the people and not about taking money out of the free enterprise capitalistic system that made us a great country and putting it in government pockets. >> grassley is the ranking republican on the senate finance committee, deeply involved obviously in health care reform bargaining process. let's talk about president obama, because he's fighting, one of the ones calling those health care reforms scare tactics head on. at a town hall in portsmouth, new hampshire, it was a lot like a campaign rally. the president accused special interest to scare and mislead people. outside the forum, protesters had signs that called him a socialist and protested what they see as a bigger government role in health care. president obama plans more town halls. the white house has launch add weshz to counter critics. >>> during the town hall, president obama says we have the aarp on board. the aarp which has 45 million or 50 says not so fast. the ceo says they have not endorsed any of the health care reform bill. aa rchl p is launch ag multi-million dollar advertising and organizing this to debunk critics. >>>
promised $3 billion for reconstruction. >>> it looks like u.s. support for the war in afghanistan is flagging. 50% of those surveyed think the war didn't worth fighting. joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen says he's concerned about that lack of support. he says afghanistan remains vulnerable to being retaken by extremist forces. >> well, i think it is serious, and it is deteriorating. i have said that over the last couple years, that taliban insurgency has gotten better. their tactics just in my recent visits out there certainly indicate that. general mcchrystal is about to wrap up his assessment, and he will come in with that assessment in detail, and i haven't seen that. >> you have no doubt he'll ask for more troops? >> actually, we're not at a point yet where he's made any decisions about asking for additional troops. >> three years ago the u.s. had about 20,000 forces in afghanistan. by the end of this year, that number will be 68,000, including 17,000 sent over by president obama. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is expected to give a report in about two weeks on
law enforcement officers tells us the remains were so badly mutilated investigators had to use the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify her. her nude body was found in a dumpster behind an apartment complex. she was stuffed inside a suitcase. an arrest warrant was issued thursday for reality tv contestant ryan jenkins who is from canada. nancy grace talked to a royal canadian mounted police official about the search there. >> straight out to sergeant duncan with royal canadian mounted police. he joins us from vancouver. thank you for being with us. sergeant, i understand many authorities believe he is hiding in the metro vancouver area. why do they believe that? >> well, at this point i guess, nancy, some of the original indicators were that he might be attempting to enter canada. at this point we haven't confirmed that he is in canada, but we are obviously not taking any chances and ordering a thorough investigation to figure out if he is here. >> jenkins and fiore were married in march. cnn has been unable to confirm reports that marriage was annulled. >>> the in
, it is bittersweet. >> the navy says an iraqi civilian told u.s. forces early last month that he had witnessed the crash. another iraqi told marines that he saw speicher's body being buried after the crash. >>> the state department is trying to find out what happened to three americans who were taken into custody in iran. iranian media reports they were arrested for crossing illegally from iraq into iran. a fourth american who was supposed to join them on a hike through the kurdish region of iraq apparently fell ill and stayed behind. one of the americans detained in iran is from pennsylvania. his mother spoke to cnn radio network. >> my husband and i are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son josh and for the other two it companions he's with. and that is our only concern, his welfare, and the best conditions for him. >> the state department says the swiss ambassador to tehran is trying to get information about the detained americans. the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. >>> for president obama and his administration, a six-month checkup. he gathered his entire cabin
. there was a fire at a median security prison just south of lexington housing 1,200 inmates. guards had to use tear gas to get the prisoners under across. eight inmates and eight staff workers were injured but no one had to be admitted to the hospital. >> right now we're happy to report to you that the facility is secure, the inmates are accounted for. we had minimal injuries which are still being assessed to the inmates. and as far as we know right now, minimal if any injuries right now to any staff or department of corrections personnel. >> state police haven't said why the inmates rioted. the prison have been on lockdown when the inmates -- prison officials decided to relax that shortly before the rioting started. >>> as long as they're in lifelong and monogamous same-sex relationships, gays and lesbians can serve as clergy in the lutheran church. the previous policy of the church allowed gays to serve as members of professional rosters only if they were celibate. gays and lesbians recht about 2% of the population. >>> we have learned new details about the killing of a former swimsuit model in c
used to my artificial leg. the hill was covered with ice and snow. it wasn't easy to walk. the hill was very slick. as i struggled to walk, i slipped and i fell on the ice. i started to cry. i said, i can't do this. i said i'll never be able to climb up that hill. he lifted me up in his strong, gentle arms, and said something i will never forget. he said, "i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do." we're going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day. sure enough, he held me around my waist and we slowly made it to the top. >> the service was attended by many current and former members of congress, former presidents bill clinton, jimmy carter and george w. bush were there. president obama delivered the eulogy. he said that kennedy was a kind and tender hero who never gave up despite the enormous challenges and tragedies he faced. >> today we say good-bye to the youngest child of rose and joseph kennedy. the world will long remember their son edward. a champion for those who had none. the soul of the democratic party and the lion of the united states s
from the top u.s. commander there. >>> and a big drag for a suspected robber who led police on a three-mile chase. they ended up chasing him not just to catch him but to save him. >>> i'm chuck roberts. welcome on a monday hln "news and views." diver are scouring the water for the two remaining victims of saturday's crash of a sight-seeing helicopter and a small fixed wing plane. that crash killed a total of nine people and this morning divers working in near zero visibility say they think they located the plane. they say they hope to pull it out of the water today. most of the chopper was plucked yesterday and the ntsb says it was close to intact. alert witnesses on both shores, the new york and new jersey sides of the river, caught the crash on their cameras. and the ntsb says their quick action is helping them piece together exactly what happened. >> we've had some very good information from eyewitnesses. we have some footage, some pictures that you all have seen that shows immediately after the collision some of the break-up sequence and the two aircraft actually falling towards th
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in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> boy, can you imagine how they were overcome at that moment? lee and ling were employed by the media company owned by al gore. president obama watched this joyous reunion on television as we all did here. he said he is breathing a sigh of relief now that the women are back home. >> i want to just make a brief comment about the fact that the two young journalists, euna lee and laura ling are safely back with their families. we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. i had an opportunity to speak with the families yesterday once we knew that they were on the plane. the reunion that we have all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >>> we want to know what you think about this, does former president clinton's mission, do you believe open the doors to better relations with north korea at this point? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at and you can text us your views at hlntv. >>> police say a man killed himself after firing 50 bul
over the last six months have helped us put the brakes on the recession. >> reporter: but that stimulus plan which republicans thought was wasting taxpayer dollars is perhaps the biggest example of what hasn't happened so far. widescale bipartisanship. mr. obama vowed to change the way washington works. >> surely, there's got to be some is capacity for us to work together. >> reporter: but has had to fall back on his own party to get things done. >> he was not under the illusion that change was going to come to this town easily. >> reporter: the president has pulled back in iraq, fulfilling a campaign promise. troops are now fighting extremists in afghanistan. he's announced the closing of the guantanamo bay detention facility but making that happen has been sticky as had his push for health care reform. some say if he fails could undermine his presidency. politico's mike allen says that's way overstated. >> the chance some health care bill is going to define his presidency is zero but at the moment he's way out on that limb and needs a win. >> reporter: if the white house is keeping tr
the crash as it happened. david wolf joins us from hoboken, new jersey. tell us what you saw. >> i was sitting on the pier from the hoboken side. i was watching the helicopter, a small tourist-type helicopter that is quite common to see. i was following it. out of the side of my vision i saw a small, private airplane coming from the side and i saw the two of them smack into each other and a giant puff of smoke, then the wings flew off. then just the debris quickly fell into the water. >> i imagine there are a million things going through your head at that moment. first of all, did i just see what i really think i saw? what were you thinking? what went through your mind at that point? >> yeah. it all flashed within two seconds. i was like, oh, my god, am i really seeing this? at some point when i saw the puff of smoke or the explosion come out, i definitely screamed. then i thought, okay, maybe it's an emergency situation. what do i need to do? i realized there was nothing to be done. it was so fast and everything just fell in pieces. i knew there wasn't anything to do. >> what happ
twice. we'll explain it to you. we're glad to have you with us. happy hump day as we get halfway through the workweek. we're so grateful to have your company as always. we have learned today that a pioneer in the news business is dead. don hewitt, creator and longtime producer of cbs's "60 minutes" passed away today. his career at cbs spanned a staggering 60 years. he was probably best known for his 36 years as "60 minutes" executive producer. hewitt was 86 years old. certainly our thoughts going out to our colleagues at cbs and his family as well today. >>> a search is under way in katie, texas, for a police officer accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend who is also a cop. take a look at this picture here. investigators say rachel hillsman was dropping her children off at her mother's house yesterday when this man julio reyes abducted him. this is the victim in the case. take a good look. police helicopters are searching for them by air. s.w.a.t. teams and bloodhounds could join the search soon. the couple have a child together but they broke up months ago. friends say they had an argu
. i'm so glad you're with us. i'm christi paul. thank you for being here. we do have breaking news we want to get to you first and foremost here. a probably have noticed this if you're member. hackers brought down the networking site twitter with a denial of service attack. this website was down for two hours this morning. a message posted on twitter's home page says the site is still under attack. now, a denial of service attack is when hackers try to overwhelm the website and tie up its server. shutting down the site. facebook representatives also say they're looking into the problem on their web scythe as well. we're going to bring you more details as they become available. >>> meanwhile, three women who died in the shooting rampage of the pennsylvania gym have been identified now. and some newly discovered youtube videos are shedding light into the shooter's home life and his everyday routine. susan candiotti is in pennsylvania. she has all the new developments for us here. the videos just seem so bizarre. >> reporter: well, it's also unusual and very eerie to now see this person
government reacted sharply that u.s. authorities made it clear, neither did they want a compassionate release or prisoner transfer, they preferred compassionate release. >>> serious accusations after a devastating bombing in baghdad. iraq foreign minister said it must have been an inside job. the government said high-level security personnel have been detained. at least 100 people were killed in the strength of attacks. more than 500 wounded. it was the country's deadliest day since the u.s. pulled combat troops from iraqi cities nearly two months ago and left security in the hand of the iraquis. he thinks more serious attacks will occur. >>> the president may be vacationing in martha's vineyard but that doesn't mean he can forget about work. planning a local tv ad campaign for martha's vineyard. the conservative group has spent $150,000 on the ad urging president obama to drop the government-run insurance option. >>> death toll from typhoon battered taiwan that jumped to at least 650. the country's premier calls it the worst weather disaster to hit taiwan in 50 years. authorities believe mor
glad that you're with us on this tuesday. i'm christi paul. welcome to "hln news and views." so good to see you. breaking news we're learning about today regarding michael jackson. he'll be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday in glendale north of los angeles on august 29th. that's next saturday. a family spokesman says the singer will be buried in the cemetery's great mausoleum which features replicas of the works of michelangelo. the ceremony will be limited to family and close friends though. remember, jackson died on june 26th. >>> his family though may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's concert promoter. a family attorney says jackson's family thinks aeg live played an active role during the last six months of his life and apparently paid for dr. conrad murray's services. remember, murray is at the center of a criminal investigation into jackson's death. >>> i want to let you know we are getting breaking news in. we're just learning here journalist robert novak has died. his family says he died of cancer. the longtime columnist was a cnn ho
off the propofol. he lowered the dosage and used two other sedatives two days before jackson died. on the night before jackson died he caved in to his demands and gave him propofol again. he also gave an account of what he says happened in the hours before jackson died. according to police documents he says he gave jackson four different drugs. this is a time line. about 1:30 in the morning he gave jackson ten milligrams of val valium. then he had two milligrams of ativan. then versed. about 5:00 a.m., more ativan. at 7:30 a.m., more versed. he monitored him in the entire time he was given the drugs. he made repeated requests and demands for propofol. he gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol at about 10:40 in the morning. ten minutes after giving jackson propofol, dr. murray said he went to the restroom. when murray came back just two minutes later he says jackson wasn't breathing. however, murray's attorney dismissed that particular part of the time line. he says murray never told police he found jackson at 11:00 in the morning not breathing. what does the jackson family have to
to forgive and move on. won't you chime in on this and tell us what you think? text us at hlntv. here are your options. type views a if you think pitino should be fired. views b if you think he should resign. or views c if you believe he should be allowed to continue coaching. standard text charges apply. >>> federal officials may have found a town willing to house suspects from guantanamo bay. the prison could close soon, putting 350 people out of work. local politicians are under pressure to save the jobs. residents favor housing at ga guantanamo detainees if it means saving the employees. others are not comfortable having terror suspectses so close. no final decisions have been made. but we would like your thought on this story. do you think detainees from g n guantanamo should be moved to this michigan prison in order to keep the prison from closing? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at or text us your views at hlntv. your opinion is important to us. thank you for letting us know how you feel. >>> the public wake for eunice kennedy shriver will begin in ab
this. and this will be a learning experience for all of us here. >>> good afternoon, i hope the day's been good to you so far. well, let's talk about former president bill clinton who is in north korea. these are new pictures that are just coming into us, meeting with top leader kim jong il there. clinton is hoping to win the release of two merge journalists sentenced in june to 12 years hard labor. laura ling and euna lee were arrested in march on charges that they entered the country illegally. now north korea media reported that clinton delivered a message on behalf of obama. the white house calls it a private mission. robert gibbs released a statement saying "while this solely private mission to secure the release of two americans is on the ground, we will have no comment. we do not want to jeopardize the success of former president clinton's mission." >>> meanwhile, iran is finally confirming that it has arrested three americans who were hiking in this area here in iraq. iran says they've been charged with illegal entry for crossing an unmarked border. secretary of state hillar
and alcohol the impact could be dramatic. >>> flags are flying half staff above the u.s. capitol, and in massachusetts in honor of senator edward kennedy who died after a 15-month battle with brain cancer. he was first elected to the senate? 1962. a year before his older brother, president john f. kennedy was assassinated. his older brother senator robert kennedy was gunned down in june of that year after winning the california primary. kenne kennedy's career also included a scandal with a car accident that killed a young woman. in 1980 he made an unsuccessful run for president. he played a major role in the passage of landmark legislation including the civil rights act of 1964. the voting rights act of 1965. the 1990 americans with disables act and the 1993 medical leave act. in a statement the kennedy family said we've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light of our lives. but his optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. senator kennedy was an early supporter for barack obama. this morning the president took a break from his vacation on
. >>> hope you're having a great friday so far. this is hln "news and views." so glad you're with us. i'm susan hendricks in for christi paul. >>> we begin with live pictures for you about the murder case against casey anthony, and a first look at what will likely be her defense strategy. short time ago that was taken. here are the live pictures right here. the hearing is still going on at this hour with her parents looking on. her defense team said it wanted the head of the search and rescue team that looked for her then-missing daughter to testify. now, one of her attorneys says his testimony will prove that casey anthony did not kill her daughter. >> the body of caylee anthony was found very close to the anthony home, and the body was found in a wooded area that if one were to search for a missing child, this is the first place you would go search. there is substantial evidence that we've discovered and that's been set forth in our brief, your honor, that the body or the remains of caylee anthony were placed there after casey anthony was locked up in the orange county correctional fa
of michael jackson's sisters, not sure which ones, a spokesman told us this and one of his brothers. fairly large contingency of family members. joe jackson, however, notably not here today. what they are going to do is go through basically all of the issues with the estate. another one that just popped up a few minutes ago is that the promotion company, ag, that was the concert promoter for michael jackson's planned tour, they have now filed a petition that they want to intervene in the -- and be given standing in these proceedings as well. basically, their mentality is let us be at the table as well they must think they are owed money a lot of lawyers in this courtroom, the judge has a lot on his plate trying to weave through it all. >> two questions stand out. first of all, you mentioned about katherine jackson, how much control of his estate does she have, if any, right now? and two, at the end of the day, how much money are we talking about? because we know that he was supporting his mother, but that he was also -- sounded like bankrupt by the time -- well not bankrupt, but certainly d
. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm natasha curry in today for susan hendricks. >>> our top story, the search is scheduled to resume this morning for the victims of a midair collision here in new york. a small plane collideed with a helicopter yesterday and both fell right spot hudson river. new york mayor michael bloomberg said it is believed that all nine people from the aircraft, both of them, were killed. a source close to the investigation tells us that four bodies have been recovered so far. now, this is how one witness described the crash. >> there was a plane, a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards new jersey side, helicopter heading southbound about 1100, 1200 feet. the plane rolled spot helicopter, hit the side of it. the helicopter went straight down the water. there was a poof of smoke and a bang. the plane hit and went down by the hotel, came down in a couple of pieces. >> a law enforcement source tells us the chopper wreckage was found in about 30 feet of water while the plane is believed to be even deeper. sonar has also identified a third debris field. >> we know the
monday. thanks for kicking the week off with us. i know. can't believe the weekend is gone already, can you? it's good to have your company as always. let's talk about this reality show contestant that's accused of killing his ex-wife, of course. he had been found dead now. police are searching for the woman who was last seen with him. that's ryan jenkins on the right. body was found in a canadian motel. it appears he hanged himself. officers have wanted to question him in the killing of jasmine fiore whose mutilated remains were found in a trash can near los angeles. employees say a blond woman dropped off jenkins at this motel thursday, and then left. and police want to question her. the only description we have is that she's about 5'9" and in her early 20s. >> they came here on friday. a lady went to the place. she was driving a silver pt cruiser with alberta plates. after she went to the room with the fella, just left, never seen her again. ryan walked this way. i seen him once, he had sunglasses on, baseball cap, heard looked a little bit darker. and he looks a lot slender, too, fr
u.s. journalists locked up in north korea. details we have learned from one of the women's sister. >>> and talk about texas quick step, a one away tire nearly knocked out a police officer. where did that tire come from? >>> we hope you're having a great day. the battle over health care heats up over both sides of the issue. town hall turns ugly with six people arrested at a forum in suburban st. louis. people got rowdy in tampa and also in michigan. the irony here, going to a town hall on health care may be hazardous to your health and your safety. >> reporter: hundreds lined unand at 6:00 it started off as a town hall meeting about an important issue. >> when it comes to your health care. >> reporter: but before the congresswoman could even get through opening remarks, the protests began. in fact things quickly turned violent. >> get off of me! >> back up! >> video mark bishop was among those roughed up. >> that's the most violent anybody's ever gotten towards me. it was surprising to say the least. >> reporter: outside, hundreds more were locked out as the building quickly fille
at some of the meetings is a threat to democracy. >> the real question facing us as a people right now, are we a self-governing people or not. can we face the large challenges we have as a country? and health care is clearly one of this. i think this is putting democracy to a real test and leadership on both sides, leaders on both sides need to step up and -- and put an end to these disruptive kind of brawling, physically violent sessions claire mccaskill had to cancel one next week because of fear of violence. >> president obama said the only way to build a stronger economy, reforming the health care system. >>> judge sonia sotomayor officially becomes a supreme court justice today. she will take a private oath that the constitution requires of all federal employees then she'll take a public oath to pledge she will administer justice fairly and impartially. sotomayor is expected to hear her first arguments next months when the court take as key campaign finance case. >>> your 401(k) probably got a boost from news fewer jobs than expected were cut last month. the surprise drop in the u
of the year to make landfall in the u.s. where it headed now and what about bill and ana? >>> milwaukee's mayor is in the hospital after a vicious attack. how mayor tom barrett became a crime contradivictim himself tr stop another crime. >>> a story of guy man being abused and killed. what country is singled out for doing nothing to stop the violence. >>> i hope you had a good weekend. thank you for kicking your week off here for us. we appreciate your company as always. >>> suddenly hurricane season just got busy. tropical storm claudette slammed into florida's panhandle overnight quickly loss steam. the storm came ashore near ft. walton beach. surfers enjoyed the waves ahead of the storm but about the time claudette was downgraded to a tropical depression this morning, bill formed over the atlantic. winds are up to 90 miles an hour there now. the national hurricane center says it could become a major hurricane with 110-mile-per-hour winds over the next couple of days. we're also keeping an eye on tropical depression ana in the caribbean. the big question, of course, you storms headed?
of acres and doubled in size overnight. we'redowned from sunland, california, to tell us what the top priorities, besides ob youbtly getting fighter out. has are the top priorities for firefighters? >> reporter: well, one of the biggest priorities is to continue to protect the many neighborhoods that this fire is burning right up against. in many of these neighborhoods, we've seen huge flame on the hillsides. firefighters have been letting them burn down the hillside because it's too tough to battle them there. what they do is really man every call cul-de-sac, every end of the block with fire tanks and crews have very been really battling it once it get down to ground level. this, one of the many areas where firefighters are continuing to wage one massive firefight. an out of control wildfire roaring in los angeles county turns deadly. two firefighters are killed when their vehicle rolls down a mountain side. >> this is a very difficult time for los angeles county fire department. and the men and women that serve day in, day out. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 firefighters are trying to co
, and to hln "news and views." sit back, relax, and let us get you informed. this is a story a lot of people are talking about today. the philadelphia eagles making it official. about an hour ago the team announced they signed disgraced quarterback michael vick to a one-year deal with an option for a second year. now, remember, vick spent 18 months in prison on federal dogfighting charges. larry smith is in philadelphia right now. clearly, the team is hoping this is going to be the beginning of a turnaround for i guess for them and for him, but i have to wonder what the fans are thinking. >> well, you know, we really don't know, christi. before i start, since you mentioned the fans, let me show you this. this morning's "philadelphia daily news" the headline telling everyone, michael vick is coming, hide your dogs. michael vick knows this is the kind of thing he will be facing throughout the rest of his nfl career which now will resume with the philadelphia eagles. ed wothe word inside, everybody deserves a second chance. the number one draft pick in the nfl being introduced and flanked by hi
to be with us. >> the fbi in el dorado county sheriff's department will hold a news conference later today. we will bring that to you when that happened. >>> los angeles police say former model jasmine fiore may have been killed in her own car. they are checking it for evidence after finding her mercedes bejz in a parking lot in west hollywood yesterday. police are searching for a car driven by a woman that dropped off fiore's husband at a hotel before he killed himself. >> we have whattic call circumstantial evidence. we know for a fact that ryan's father, dan jenkins here in calgary owns a silver pt cruiser which matching the vehicle seen outside the hotel in british columbia. we also know that a vehicle very similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia parked in the building where lieian's half sister alena now lives. >> police believe she was killed before he fled to canada. >>> we're talking about the weather now. tropical storm danny is gathering strength. forecasters say it could be a category one by saturday. right now, though, it appears danny
people died in the attack and at least 91 more were wounded. the bombsite is next to the u.s. embassy on the same street as the country's presidential palace. peter bergen was in kabul at the time of the explosion. >> reporter: seemed to be much larger than anything i've experienced before and also given the fact several miles north it was loud everybody in the place i'm staying in ran out to see what was happening. wouldn't say the security is sort of outrageously tight. i mean, clearly there is a great deal of concern but you can travel around most of these streets of kabul with no problem. you know, there are routinely traffic jams every day. it's not -- there is no lockdown right now. you know, that may change on election day. but, you know, i -- to be honest with you, you know, just on the surface level, the security in kabul doesn't look a great deal different than it does in any other trip i've been here. >> our thanks to peter for that. >>> meanwhile the attack comes five days before afghanistan's presidential election. u.s. troops will be trying to provide security throughout
>>> a contest ant wanted for questioning in his wife's grisly death may no longer be in the u.s. the clues that show he may now be in canada. also, the man convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 killing 270 people is free. look at him there. why did a judge decide to let him go on compassionate grounds? >>> also, is she or isn't she a she? how a track star's amazing achievements raised suspicions about her gender. >>> hey, i hope that the day has been treating you well. sit back and relax and tyke a limb tile time for yourself. i'm christi paul. we'll get you informed so you can get on with your day. take a couple of moments and relax a little bit. let me tell you about former nfl store plaxico burress we're learning here. he'll spend the next few years behind bars this. morning he pleaded guilty to a nuclear weapon charge and agreed to a two-year prison term. he'll be sentenced next month, but the former new york giants' wide receiver accidentally shot himself at a new york nightclub last november with an unlicensed gun. know on the professional side of things, burress caught t
cape cod parish also spoke. >> we bring with us treasured memories of ted kennedy, memories not only of a national leader and a master legislator, but of a beloved husband, a great father, a terrific grandfather, a sweet uncle, a dear friend, a trusted colleague, a wise mentor. we enter this church with these memories, acutely alive for each of us. we gather to treasure the memory and to share our sense of loss. >> later today, kennedy will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. he qualified based on his military service as well as service as a united states senator. he'll be buried near his two brothers, former president john f. kennedy and former senator bobby kennedy. stay with hln as we follow the kennedy funeral throughout the day. >>> a solemn moment in new orleans as people pause to remember the devastating events of four years ago. today is the anniversary of hurricane katrina's landfall in the u.s. it left the gulf coast shattered. president obama vowed not to let red tape get in the way of the continuing recovery effort. the president also said that the bush admini
the u.s. >>> milwaukee mayor tom barrett is recovering after being beaten with a metal pipe. at last word, he was in stable condition at a hospital. we don't know the extent or type of injuries he received in this attack. but police say he was alert and talking when he arrived last night. police are now searching for the man responsible who they believe is a known criminal. they say barrett was leaving the fair with his family when he saw a woman struggling with a man and heard her shouting for someone to call 911. the mayor began dialing 911, and that is when the suspect apparently stopped attacking the woman and began beating the mayor with a pipe. he then fled the scene before he could be stopped. >>> the weekend is bringing no rest for democrats and administration officials pushing health care reform. they are hitting the talk shows. but they are also giving indications that's they may be flexible about one of the most controversial aspects of the reform's proposal. president obama told a town hall meeting yesterday about the dhaeflts grandmother to try to silence the criticism o
>>> it is official. sonia sotomayor becomes the first latina on the u.s. supreme court. we're going to show you the history in the making here. >>> from unregistered nurse to registered suspect? after pretending at work and even staging a banquet in her honor, she now faces real jail time. >>> after 23 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, a texas man is now free. what turned things in his favor? >>> getting pulled over by the cops in one connecticut time is pretty sweet. police use reverse psychology here and reward to keep the peace. >>> hi. you're watching hln news and views. >>> we start with breaking news out of new york. a tourist helicopter and a small plane have collided and crashed into the hudson river near manhattan. take a look at this tower cam view here of the scene. details are still coming in right now but here is what we know. police say six people were believed to be on board the liberty tours helicopter. it's unclear if that number includes the pilot or not. as far as the other aircraft, the small plane, we don't know how many people were on board that.
with us. pretty volatile day today. take a look at this. >> you want to be let -- you want to be led out of here, you're welcome to go. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> almost getting physical there. there has been another, as you can see for yourself, town hall meeting on the latest hot button issue, of course, health care reform. this one hosted today by senator arlen specter in lebanon, pennsylvania. one of two he will be hosting. the republican turned democrat faced heated questions about president obama's plan to overhaul health care. some people got so angry they almost came to blows. police officer had to step in. specter had to step in and calm him down. most of the crowd was very vocal, though, particularly about their opposition to government-run health care. >> i don't believe this is just about health care. it's not about t.a.r.p. under the circumstanc it's not about left and right. this is about systemic dismantling of this country. i'm only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awake
motors may be struggling to drive home profits in the u.s., but the automaker is expanding in china. the company's big push to get more cars on the road there. >>> you're watching hln news and views on this last sunday in august. so glad you're with us. i'm susan hendricks. we start in california where the fire that grown and is threatening as many as 10,000 homes. triple digit temperatures and bone dry conditions are fueling this fire. about 1,000 homes have already been evacuated in the area. the wildfire is burning and the steep canyons in the angeles national forest, north of los angeles. at least three homes have been destroyed. three people have been reported injured. that is the latest. one fire official says this fire is extremely treacherous. >> today what happened is what i call the perfect storm of fuels, weather and topography coming together generating extreme fire behavior. essentially the fire burned at will and went where it wanted to when it wanted to when all those factors came into alignment. >> a major goal for firefighters is to try to keep that fire from spread
years later, a reality check. . >> hi there. you're watching hln news and views. thanks for having us over. an american sentenced to hard labor in myanmar is going home. john yettaw was rasted after swimming across a lake to visit activist aung san suu kyi under house arrest. virginia senator jim webb flew there to help win his release. dan rivers has been following the story. >> clearly getting the release of john yet ta was important. he's an ill man. he has diabetics, epilepsy, taken to hospital before the verdict was delivered with seizures. we understand he's a vietnam veteran and is a troubled mind i think is probably the best way of putting it, and obviously, one doesn't quite know why he swam this lake. there were reports at the time that he had had some sort of vision that she was going to be assassinated and wanted to go and warn her. he's a troubled guy who clearly needs help. >> earlier today, webb became the first american ever to meet with myanmar's top junta leader but his biggest success came when he was allowed to meet with aung san suu kyi for nearly an hour today an
>>> welcome to hln on this saturday, august 29th. so glad you are with us. i'm susan hendricks. >>> about 1,500 people will attend sen core edward kennedy's funeral mass. among those attending former presidents, george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. kennedy listd through the assassination of two of his brothers. he will be buried next to john f. kennedy and robert kennedy at arlington seam tary. president obama left his vacation retreat and arrived in boston last night. he will deliver today's uology. we will follow that as well. >>> this morning in washington, members of congress boarded a bus that will take them to andrews air force base and on to boston for senator kennedy's funeral. family, friends and colleagues spent three hours sharing their fondest memories of senator kennedy. tens of thousands of people who didn't know him personally pay their final respects as well. tom foreman reports. ♪ >> reporter: at a presidential library on the edge of the ocean, the people came in waves. ted kennedy was bigger than life for many. to family and friends alike, he preac
used and aircraft are being used to dump the fire retardant. >> the fire has burned at least 35,000 acres and crews have only managed to contain a fracture of that. several are burning around southern and central california. >>> former vice president dick cheney is criticizing the justice department's decision to investigate weather cia interrogators abused terrorist suspects. he says the decision to open the investigation is a political move. >> we had the president of the united states, president obama, tell us a few months ago that there wouldn't be any investigation like this, there would not be any look back at cia personnel who were carrying out the policies of the prior administration. now they get a little heat from the left wing of the democratic party, and they're reversing course on that. the president is the chief law enforcement officer in the administration. he is now saying, well, this isn't anything he's got anything to do with. he's up on vacation at martha's vineyard and his attorney general is going back and doing something that the president said some months
have helped to end this? or is it just hindsight? e-mail us at standard text rates apply. we'll air your comments on this bizarre situation. >>> we have new information in another case we're following. there's new evidence in the murder of swim suit model jasmine fiore. police say they found blood and signs of a violent struggle inside her car. the mercedes was found wednesday. blood spatters and swirls of blood were on the passenger seat, the back seat, also the rear windshield indicating that she put up a fight. the bottom of the car had mud stains and weeds and twigs. they found blood stains on the patio she shared with ryan jenkins. it appears to be a domestic violence situation that went, quote, way out of hand as a result of jealousy. >>> police in canada say they know who helped jenkins check into the hotel room where he committed suicide. that person is cooperating with the investigation but not releasing his or her name right now. police also say they have found the pt cruiser used to take jenkins to the hotel but will not say who owns it. >>> to california now w
. huge crowds lined the streets of the nation's capital. >>> the u.s. capitol building was along the funeral routes. his widow vicky thanked staff members and legislators who came out to say a final good-bye. kennedy served in the senate for 47 years. he died on tuesday of brain cancer. >>> senator edward kennedy called universal health care the cause of his life. he didn't live to see it become a reality. his colleagues from both political parties are framing the current health care debate in terms of kennedy's legacy. democrat john kerry tells abc's "this week" his fellow massachusetts senator would've pushed as hard as he could to establish a government health insurance plan, the so-called public option. >> he would fight for it. and he'd do everything in his power to get it just like he did for the minimum wage or children's health care, et cetera. but if he didn't see the ability to be able to get it done, he would not throw the baby out with the bath water. we would not say no to anything because we have to reduce the cost. we have to make these changes, and he would find t
>>> a u.s. senator overcomes tense relations with a southeast asian government and wins freedom for an imprisoned american, but didn't stop there. >>> there's still a long way to go in california before the firefighters can declare victory. >>> and critics are saying "district nine" is the best film of the year. so why is half of the potential audience flocking to to a different movie? thanks for having us over. >>> an american sentenced to hard labor in myanmar is going home seven years early. he was arrested after swimming across the lake to visit a noble prize winning activist who is under house arrest. but virginia senator jim webb flew to myanmar to help with the release. >> clearly getting the release of john yettaw was important. he's an ill man. he had been taken to a hospital before the verdict was delivered with seizures. we understand he's a vietnam veteran and has a troubled mind i think is the best way of putting it. and obviously, one doesn't know why he swam this lake. there were reports at the time that he had a vision she was going to be assassinated. >> earlier
swinging in defense of health care reform and used the death of a grandmother to slam his staunchest critics. >>> a crime, i didn't kill anyone. i didn't attack anybody. i just stood up for what i believed was right. >> birmingham's mayor offering people arrested during the civil rights movement a refund and a pardon. why some people are saying, no, thank you. >>> good sunday to you. you're watching hln. hope you're having a great weekend so far. i'm susan hendricks. our top story is a tropical storm warning for parts of florida. it was just issued a few hours ago. meanwhile tropical storms anna and bill keep moving across the atlantic. let's get the latest from reynolds. >> we're talking about two systems. two is company, three is a crowd, anna and bill and tropical depression which may become one before the day is out. first you see it here off the coast of tampa. you see the counterclockwise flow. this is a system expected to gain strength, expected to make landfall around midnight around apalachicola and alabama and flash flooding could be a possibility. two other systems, of cou
. >>> and new help for g.i. joe. u.s. troops and their families are getting a boost that will help them pay for college. >>> hi there, you're watching hln. i'm natasha curry. things are finally getting back to normal at laguardia airport hours after a bomb scare forced an evacuation. passengers were rushed out and flights weren't allowed to land or take off. you can imagine how much chaos that caused on a summer saturday with people heading off for vacations. susan candiotti tells us how it all started. >> reporter: the evacuation of the central terminal at laguardia happened at about 5:00 this morning when the following occurred, according to a law enforcement source close to the investigation, a man who appeared to be intoxicated approached a security checkpoint. the tsa called in the port authority after the source says this man was wearing a backpack and in plain view attached to it were two six bolt square batteries that had wires protruding from it. when the port authority told the man to put the device down, the source said he did not comply and instead appeared as though he was look
to celebrate as well. >>> hi. thanks for having us over. you're watching hln. i'm virginia cha. our top stories, we have three tropical storms to keep our eyes on. parts of the alabama coast are under storm warnings. a new storm sprang up early this morning and it's already strengthened enough to become tropical storm claudette. some parts of the florida han hanld could get up to 10 inches of rain. and tropical storm bill is churning over the atlantic, getting stronger and heading east. it could make it to hurricane strength today. and then there's tropical storm ana, still causing worries for the caribbean as it moves westward. it may hit haiti or the dominican republic, but they can't say if it will reach the u.s. yet. stay here with hln, your full weather forecast and storm check, straight ahead. >>> milwaukee mayor tom barrett is recovering after being beaten with a metal pipe. at last word, he was in stable condition at a hospital. now, we don't know the extent or type of injuries he received in this attack, but police say he was alert and talking when he arrived last night. police are now
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